Please read the kind words from some of our practice members and an entertaining clip or two about Chiropractic care. 

From our Facebook page... 

Dan M. writes: "Do NOT put off any kind of back pain ever. Dr. Joe is highly professional and the right mix of personality to ensure that you've made the right choice.I wish I could give him 10 stars!"

Mark W. says: "When I first went to Dr. Joe, I had very little mobility in my neck. I couldn't even look back through the rear side windows to change lanes while driving. Today, I can turn my neck and look out those widows completely pain free. In between, he has kept me healthy. I honestly can't remember the last time I called in sick to work. Thanks Joe, for the great care and friendship."

Dani H. would like you to know: "Thank you Dr Joe for the EXCELLENT care that you gave our daughter. Thank you for going the extra step to make sure we understood what and why you were doing what you were doing. We will be back! Look forward to having our family come to you!"

Kevin B. wrote: "Dr. Joe has a great manor of explaining what he is doing and why. I been seeing Dr. Joe for years and I recently started bringing my 11 year old son who plays contact sports for adjustments and Dr. Joe's "bedside manor" gives both my son and myself confidence in his approach to keeping my son's spine healthy."

"You will not find a caregiver as passionate about his practice and as caring for his patients as Dr. Joe Manza!"

Chuck M. Rochester, NY

"Dear Dr. Joe...

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the help you have been with my back, I have problems with my back because of medical conditions I have. Each time I have come to your office you are on time and always considerate of how I am doing with my health and what you can do to improve any problems I'm having pertaining to my condition.

I find that your care greatly helps with my back pain and how I feel between appointments. I want to thank you for being patient with me and considerate."

Sincerely, Tracey T. Hilton, NY

"I came to Joe in much pain, couldn't stand straight, couldn't find a comfortable position to sit, stand or sleep. After one treatment I was walking upright and pain-free. Dr. Joe not only told me what not to do but more importantly what to do to avoid reinjuring my spine. I have continued and will continue to have regular treatment to insure good chiropractic health! and an active life style. I would urge you to visit and talk with Dr. Joe. He is knowledgeable, caring and patient with your questions and well being!"

Pat A. Macedon, NY

"I started seeing Dr. Manza when I grew tired of my continuous neck issues over a year ago. When my neck flared up, it would take weeks for me to feel normal again. However, after speaking with a friend, she suggested her chiropractor to me, Dr. Manza. Upon my first visit, he spent a great deal of time discussing the history of my issues and how his techniques would help. And boy did they. Now I not only visit him for maintenance appointments because I rarely have flare ups. Every time I leave his office I feel like a new person and look forward to my next appointment with him!"

Sy P. East Rochester

"Chiropractic care has been a blessing in our life. Several years ago, I did a little research on the benefits of continued chiropractic care and learned that it could help maintain my health, strengthen the core, help with migraines, work to prevent ear infections and overall improve the immune system and increase the body’s ability to function at its peak performance. As parents we feel that maintaining our health is the best way to care for our family so we talked to our old friend, Dr. Joe. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from intense migraines with sensitivity to light and sound accompanied by raging neck pain and throbbing in my head. The only way I could fight them off was to go to sleep in a dark quiet spot. Being a mother of three, you can imagine how hard that quiet spot is to find. In addition to these occurring on a very regular basis, sometimes weekly, my husband and I both suffered from back pain. We started receiving regular chiropractic care from Dr. Joe in 2005, shortly after our third child was born. Not only has seeing him on a regular basis, (meaning once every month or so), helped us live life with minimal pain and made those debilitating headaches a thing of the past, but it has also allowed us to be there for our family. In addition, all three of our children (11, 7, and 4) also receive routine chiropractic adjustments. Our youngest has had a horrible time with ear infections, and started being adjusted by Dr Joe when she was still very small and while she does still get ear infections they are NO where near as frequent as they used to be. And just as important she looks forward to going to see him. “Mommy, I go first, then you.” Dr Joe is very gentle in his adjustments. His friendly and welcoming smile in addition to his dedication to wellness and helping us live a healthy life has made a tremendous impact on all of us. We are very grateful for his care. Thanks Dr. Joe!!"

John and Josette C. and Family Penfield, NY

"Here is what I would like to say about Wellness for you NOW Chiropractic. I have always had trouble with by back. I have scoliosis and my back and hip hurt if I bend or lift something the wrong way. I am 63 years old and I was always told by my family doctor, that because of the scoliosis I had to take muscle relaxers. I was told that a chiropractor could not work for my me, but I really didn't like taking the medicines. I went to Dr. Joe Manza and he said that he could help me. Since I have been going to Dr. Joe, I feel better and don't have the pain that I had. I highly recommend anyone with back problems to call Dr. Joe and start feeling better."

Thank you Dr. Joe, Rosemary M. East Irondequoit, NY

"Last summer I was at a barbecue and I tripped and fell on some concrete, injuring my knee. The fall left me with intense knee pain. I am a skater, so I use my knees a lot. The injury left me stiff when just getting out of a chair, and it really put skating on the back burner. Once I described my injury to Dr. Manza, he put my knee back where it belonged and after just two treatments on the bruise, 90% of the pain is gone. He works wonders on my low back, but I am thrilled at what he has done for my knee."

Pat R. Henrietta, NY

"I have been a patient of Dr. Manza's for a few years now and would just like to take a minute to emphasize the importance of chiropractic care for EVERYONE! Many people may think chiropractic care is unnecessary for them just because they've never had an injury or a history of back problems, but that couldn't be further from the truth! There are myriad benefits of regular chiropractic care, both for treating pre-existing problems and preventing the development of future ones. Over the course of the past few years, Dr. Manza has been able to help me with various issues, including back pain after a car accident and a nasty slip and fall (thank you Rochester weather!), pain and tension in my back, neck and jaw due to TMJ problems, headaches, joint problems, and even just counteracting the effects of day-to-day stress. In fact, just today at work, I felt a nasty headache coming on, but after heading over to see Dr. Manza for an adjustment, that headache is nothing more than a distant memory! It completely turned my day around! The physical and mental benefits of regular chiropractic care are really beyond what I can fully capture here, so my suggestion is to make an appointment today and experience them for yourself. It won't take long for you to realize what an integral part of overall health and well-being proper chiropractic care really is!"

Jackie M. Webster, NY

"I was in terrible pain with hip and back problems when I was referred to Dr. Manza by a co-worker. He has been a tremendous help to me with both his knowledge and expertise. I am very grateful to him for his patience and caring about my well being. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a good chiropractor."

Sharon K. East Irondequoit, NY

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