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The idea of a body through a healthy spine has been around since the ancient Greek Hippocrates documented manipulative techniques in his writings back in 1500 B.C. Then in 1895 Dr. D. D. Palmer specifically developed the healing art that is now Chiropractic. His son, Dr. B. J. Palmer, then developed Chiropractic into the foremost healing and health enhancing form of healthcare that it is today! 

The Chiropractic adjustment is the primary Chiropractic care method used to help the one and only spine and nervous system you've been gifted to heal, and stay happy and healthy. Specific Chiropractic spinal adjustments will relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nervous system communication between your brain and the body. This will enhance your body's innate intelligence and healing capacity. Many people, and much research shows that when specific Chiropractic spinal adjustments are used to heal and care for the spine and nervous system many other health concerns, such as allergies, bed wetting, colds, colic, constipation, ear infections, flus, GERD, headaches, immune system problems, pain, pregnancy discomfort, sleep issues, tinnitus, TMJ problems, and much more  respond positively to care. Please visit for more research and articles. 

How Do Spinal Adjustments Work?

There are well over 100 types of adjustment techniques used by chiropractors throughout the world. Dr. Joe Manza will use very specific hands-on adjustments and is very adept in altering technique and/or pressure based upon the specific needs of the practice member. Every body is different and will require specific care to remove spinal subluxation, enhance joint function, and helping to restore communication between the brain and the body. 

When vertebrae shift out of place, there is an overall systemic response from the muscular system to the central nervous system. Without proper alignment and flow, our nerves, our immune system, and our minds cannot function at their highest peak.

Overall, spinal adjustments are an excellent way to keep the body functioning at its highest level without any discomfort. When the body is adequately aligned, it becomes able to respond and perform as it was built to do.

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